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The Master said, The leaving virtue without proper cultivation; the not thoroughly discussing what is learned; not being able to move towards righteousness of which a knowledge is gained; and not being able to change what is not good:-these are the things which occasion me solicitude.”

Chapter 6

Though there might be a large quantity of meat, he would not allow what he took to exceed the due proportion for the rice. It was only in wine that he laid down no limit for himself, but he did not allow himself to be confused by it.

The Master said, There is Yung!-He might occupy the place of a prince.”

The Master said, The superior man does not promote a man simply on account of his words, nor does he put aside good words because of the man.”

The Master being very ill, Tsze-lu wished the disciples to act as ministers to him.

The Master said, Filial indeed is Min Tsze-ch’ien! Other people say nothing of him different from the report of his parents and brothers.”

And when they have been enriched, what more shall be done?” The Master said, Teach them.”


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